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Guinness World Records Museum Loudest Scream

New Fun at Hollywood Guinness World Records® Museum

Located on Hollywood Boulevard, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Guinness World Records® Museum recently completed a major renovation and has added tons of fun for all ages. Guests can discover loads of awe-inspiring and unbelievable world records, test their skills against standing world records, and make an official attempt to break one of several…

Hollywood Wax Museum Makes Charity an All-Year Effort

When the holidays roll around, everyone gets in the giving mood and companies come out in hordes to support local and national charities. While all charitable giving is fantastic, we at Hollywood Wax Museum in Hollywood, CA have chosen to make it a year-round effort with the donation of attraction tickets to support fundraising efforts…

The Making of a Hollywood Wax Museum Wax Figure

One of the most often asked questions at Hollywood Wax Museum is about how we do it. How can we take wax and turn it into something that looks so lifelike? It’s not easy! It takes over three months and seven talented artists collaborating to create just one wax museum figure. Here’s how we do…

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