Hollywood Wax Museum Shares How to Make a Wax Figure

So you want to know what it takes to make a wax figure that so closely resembles a Hollywood star. Truth is, it takes a team of seven highly skilled artists at Hollywood Wax Museum more than three months to create just one! Before it’s ready for its debut on the red carpet, the following steps must be taken.

  1. Create a Clay Sculpture – The artist sculpts a common lump of clay into a perfect likeness.
  2. Make a Mold – A fabricator forms an algenate mold, then carefully pours a molten mixture of natural and petroleum-based wax inside.
  3. Whittle the Wax – Fine tune all the details from an authentic facial expression to fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Bring the Wax to Life – Craftsmen mix colored wax and oil paint to create an exact skin tone match, then apply color for makeup, birthmarks, freckles and other features.
  5. Add Hands and Other Parts – Hands are unique to each figure and for each figure’s pose. They’re created by the same sculpting, molding, carving and painting techniques.
  6. Craft the Costumes – Complete authenticity is key. Our tailor creates most pieces of clothing from hand.
  7. Prep the Props – The prop master matches the look and placement of every accessory.

It’s a lot of effort, but in the end all this attention to detail adds to the magic and wonder at Hollywood Wax Museum! We look forward to your next visit to Pigeon Forge and hope you’ll stop by and see our artists’ latest creations.