Hiking Smoky Mountain Style! – Things to do in Pigeon Forge

There are mountains…and then there are the Smoky Mountains! The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited in the country, so it’s clearly something special. We believe there’s no better way to take in all the beauty than spending some time hiking. We’d even go as far to say that hiking in the Smoky Mountains is one of the can’t-miss, top-of-the-list things to do in Pigeon Forge. Let us share some of our favorite hikes within 30 miles!

Hiking in Pigeon Forge


Meig’s Creek Trail – We really like Meig’s because it’s typically less crowded than other waterfall destinations and it’s an easy-to-moderate hike. To reach the falls, it’s a two-mile hike in, or four miles round trip. You can also opt to extend your hike another 1.5 miles to Buckhorn Gap, a saddle area inside the Smoky Mountains National Park, bringing your hike to a lengthier total of seven miles.

Hiking the Smoky Mountains - Little Brier Gap


Little Brier Gap Trail – This is an easy and short hike with a roundtrip length of just 2.6 miles. But what we love about this hike is the history and story of the area and the sights you see along the way. Read up on the Walker Sisters Cabin, which you’ll find along the trail, as well as the Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse and Cemetery. It’s a brief glimpse into mountain living in the early 1900s and the spirited women who made the Smokies their home.


Middle Prong Trail – Don’t forget your phone on this hike because you’re definitely going to want to snap some photos! If you’re able, hit this visually stimulating adventure during a weekday, because lots of other people want those awesome pictures too! You’ll also want to block off a good portion of your day, because the moderately difficult hike is nearly 8.5 miles round trip. But you get plenty of bang for your buck during those miles, including four waterfalls, massive boulders and thickets of rhododendron.

Things to do in Pigeon Forge - Hiking

Ramsey Cascade Trail – This trail is not for the weak at heart. It’s only four miles, but don’t be fooled by the short distance. The trail increases nearly 2,200 feet in elevation and experiences some pretty intense terrain. So, why hike it? The Ramsey Cascade Trail takes hikers through some of the oldest growth in the Smokies. Trees stand as high as 146 feet and there’s a plentitude of plant life to enjoy. Plus, the pièce de résistance of the hike, the tallest waterfall in the park with cascades of around 100 feet. Wowza!

With dozens of trails to choose from, spotted with waterfalls, scenic views, streams and forest for as far as the eye can see, this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. But it sure does make you want to get those hiking shoes out, right? We hope you enjoy the trails that our little piece of paradise has to offer and we’d love to hear about your adventures when you head back into town. Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center is open late, so take your time and we’ll see you soon!