New Fun at Hollywood Guinness World Records® Museum

Located on Hollywood Boulevard, along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Guinness World Records® Museum recently completed a major renovation and has added tons of fun for all ages. Guests can discover loads of awe-inspiring and unbelievable world records, test their skills against standing world records, and make an official attempt to break one of several world records in the Attempt Arena.


Record Breaking Speed

Guinness World Records Museum Speed Tag

Guests can test their reaction time, overall speed and agility throughout the attraction. For example, pair off against friends at Speed Drumming and see who has the most lightning-fast bongo skills. Or head over to Speed Tag and find out whose peripheral vision and response time will earn them bragging rights. More fun includes using fast fists, fancy footwork, and more.


Record Breaking Sound

Guinness World Records Museum Loudest Scream

An all-new Kids Zone has been added to Guinness World Records Museum. Young guests can get loud in the scream booth to find out if they can out-yell the world’s record for loudest scream. Other Kids Zone activities make it fun to measure brain power, speed and strength.


Record Breaking Sports

Athletes around the world strive to break records every day, and a lucky few are featured in Guinness World Records Museum. Guests can discover some of the most interesting, then test their own sports skills. Challenges include shooting the most baskets in 30 seconds in a moving target and quickly filling a virtual water bucket by hitting a pitching booth bullseye.


Record Breaking Humans

Guinness Record for Tallest Hightop Fade

Human abilities confound and amaze us. Museum guests can take selfies with the likenesses of world record holders for the smallest waist, the highest hair style, most tattoos, and more. Records set for heaviest, tallest and shortest humans in the world and other interesting achievements are represented in the Amazing Humans exhibit.


Record Breaking Gaming

World's Largest Pac Man

Guests will enjoy a wide range of gaming and pop culture records. Attempt to beat the high score on the world’s largest Pac-Man game, get a photo with Mario (the world’s most ubiquitous videogame character), plus much more. Check out the latest edition of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition during your visit too!


There’s all this and much more to see and do at the renovated Guinness World Records Museum. While visiting, try to officially break a world record in the Attempt Arena. Currently, adjudicators are available to judge:

  • Fastest Time to Stack a 5-Level Toy Timber Log Tower
  • Fastest Time to Hang 10 Interlocking Monkeys
  • Fastest Time to Write a Phrase with Magnetic Letters

Break one of these records and earn an official certificate from Guinness World Records. Attempt Arena records change periodically, so there’s always something new, fun and challenging to do. While in Hollywood, check out Hollywood Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! Each attraction offers a VIP Pass for entry into all three museums for one ticket price.