Mini-Golf Fun! The Story Behind Shoot For the Stars in Branson

Miniature golf is a ton of fun for the whole family. It’s something that can challenge the entire crew, but isn’t so challenging that even the youngest (or oldest) in your group won’t enjoy the experience. Typically the course is made up of a particular theme, like fairy tales or dinosaurs, but rarely does the course make you part of the story like Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf in Branson, MO.

Shoot for the Stars, Branson

If you’re ready to try your hand at making it big in Hollywood, get a taste for how your story might unfold at this unique 18-hole course.

  • Hole 1 – You’re discovered. Marty McBooster wants to represent you! It’s a dream come true.
  • Hole 2 – Get a Makeover. You’re beautiful just as you are…but Marty thinks it’s time to get you all glammed up.
  • Hole 3 – Headshots. Now that you have that Hollywood look, Marty will set you up with the photographer to the stars to get that perfect headshot.

Branson Mini-Golf

  • Hole 4 – OMG! You’ve got an audition! That Marty McBooster knows what he’s doing because it’s with the famous director Woody B. DeMann!
  • Hole 5 – You got the gig. Wait, do you have to do your own stunts? No way.
  • Hole 6 – Filming is a wrap. It’s time to party!
  • Hole 7 – 10 cities and 20 talk shows. Your press tour to promote your first movie begins.
  • Hole 8 – A star, such as yourself, needs a wardrobe to be seen in. Time for some A-list shopping on Rodeo Drive.
  • Hole 9 – The paparazzi loves you. Great time to make a hole in one!
  • Hole 10 – Tonight’s your night! It’s your movie’s premier…does this mean you’ve made it? Wait, can’t be, you have 8 holes to go.
  • Hole 11 – Life’s pretty good. Even the Hollywood Bowl is granting you VIP access!
  • Hole 12 – Acting is fine, but you want to be a double threat! Time to record your first album at Capitol Records.
  • Hole 13 – Schmoozing at charity balls has become a pastime for you. And you’re kinda liking it! It’s Par 2 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
  • Hole 14 – Marty is finally giving you a day to yourself. You head to the beach…but who told the paparazzi?

Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf

  • Hole 15 –The tabloids are having some fun with you, but don’t worry, your golf skills are superb!
  • Hole 16 – All your hard work, has paid off (though Marty thinks it was all him). Time for the award ceremony! Fingers crossed.
  • Hole 17 – WOW! You get your handprints and footprints in cement on Hollywood Blvd! It’s a dream come true.Hole 18 – Even better, your own star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Does this mean you’re officially a superstar?

Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf

There’s only one way to find out! Putt your ball into the Star-O-Meter and find out if you’re overexposed, just a trend, famous or (fingers crossed) LEGENDARY! Come see us while you’re in Branson. We’re right next to Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center. And while you’re there, pick up an All Access Pass and enjoy three other attractions: Hollywood Wax Museum, Castle of Chaos and Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. It’s four great attractions for one ticket price!