Hollywood Wax Museum’s Artistry Behind the Wax Figures

How do you make them look so real? It’s a question our Hollywood Wax Museum staff gets asked about our wax figures nearly every day! The truth is, it’s not easy. It takes seven different artists no less than three months to create just one. Let us introduce you to the artistry behind the magic!

The Sculptor – This artist has the first step. Armed with photographs, actual measurements and scanned images, he or she sculpts a lump of clay into a perfect likeness of the star the final figure will portray.

The Fabricator – This artist makes a mold of the clay head and carefully pours the wax. Once hardened, the mold casing is opened to reveal a rough waxen image.

The Wax Artist – This artist carefully carves away wax, little by little bringing out the expressions and special features that make the figure undeniably unique.

The Craftsman – This artist paints tones to emulate skin tone, make up and age marks. He also inserts hairs, one strand at a time, including eyebrows and facial hair.

The Second Wax Artist – Hands and other body parts come next. The wax artist in charge of hands matches the person’s likeness all the way down to the veins, knuckles and fingernails.

The Tailor – Each piece of clothing is created by this artist with complete authenticity in mind. From the fabric to the decorative materials, each is hand made for the figure.

The Prop Master – Every accessory matters, so the prop master is always on the hunt for unique items that will enhance the wax displays.

We’re so proud of our artists and love that they can provide our guests with the best selfie opportunities in Branson! When you get that perfect shot, we’d love it if you’d share it on social media and tag us (#hollywoodwaxmuseum) so our whole team can enjoy. We may even use your photo on the Hollywood Wax Museum website as our Fave Fan Post! We look forward to your next visit.