Castle of Chaos in Branson, MO Welcomes its Newest Adventure

Carnival has arrived! It’s the newest adventure at Castle of Chaos and it’s an action-packed, shoot-em-up good time!

Imagine this: You’re racing through a broken-down carnival, on the roller coaster, swings and bumper cars, all the while being chased by a crazy clown! Luckily you’re armed with your trusty laser blaster and with each shot you keep the clown at bay. Your friends and family are also being chased and shooting alongside you. Who has best shot? You’ll find out at the end of the adventure when scores appear in front of you.

Castle of Chaos’ second theater continues to feature the fan favorite – Los Banditos – where guests can participate in a shoot-out with a band of robot outlaws!

Sounds like a good time, don’t you think? It’s time to plan a trip to Branson to visit Castle of Chaos. And while you’re at Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center, you can also enjoy Hollywood Wax Museum, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf!

We look forward to your visit!